Tiffany Maria Woods who has coined herself as "Tiffany Maria Love" is the mother of two intelligent, handsome and awesome sons, Eric and Jordan. She is a radio show host, the empowerment comedian character; Cuzin Martina, certified business & life coach, community outreach activist, and self love advocate. 

Tiffany lives by her motto: "We never lose by giving." Tiffany Maria continues to exercise her belief in giving, writing, and displays immense compassion when helping others. Tiffany Maria established a sisterhood amongst girls in her hometown of Dublin, Georgia: Tiffany's DIVAS which stands for DIGNIFIED, INTELLIGENT, VISIONARIES, ATTAINING SUCCESS. She assisted in the orchestration of a stage play: Tysheeka; The Wrong Right, The Right Wrong; The Truth about the Game, in which she helped write, direct, as well as executed a main role of a character within the play.  Tiffany also lives by her motto: There is power in unity, and that will NEVER change. Tiffany Maria Love has organized and facilitated back to school drives, free community & family events, coupled with hosting women and girl empowerment events. God has always placed people along her path to see that all the visions that HE gives to her come to pass. 

Tiffany Maria Love is a living example of what it is to have a mindset to succeed no matter how bad your situation appears to be. She has mastered the art of "making something out of nothing". She has overcome many difficult situations in her life that would have resulted in most people feeling humiliated, fearful, and stuck.  Undoubtedly with the help of God, she has overcome homelessness, child and domestic abuse, attempted suicide, single mother hood, and is a diabetes warrior to name a few. She has witnessed first hand what drugs can do to families and communities.  Her faith in God is what sustains her as she continues to make God the head of all that she ventures to do. 

Tiffany knows that she was born to inspire, entertain and motivate others through spreading love and laughter as she journeys through life. Tune in weekly to the Tiffany Maria Love Show or the drama web series Diary of a Diamond.